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Back to Gagosian Gallery... by rtcorr
Picassos Picassos at Gagosian Gallery
Readers of this blog will recall my entry a couple of months ago regarding my visit to Madison Avenue's Gagosian Gallery to visit the wonderful exhibit of Picasso paintings (and a sculpture) from the collection of his daughter Maya ...
Picasso's Picassos by rtcorr
The title of the exhibition currently at the Madison Avenue Gagosian Gallery (https://www.gagosian.com/exhibitions/picassos-picassos--november-10-2016) does not refer to the works the artist himself owned but rather works in the possession of his ...

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It's signed by picasso but doesn't look like anything I've seen done by him. I can't find any information about it and was hoping someone could give me some more information. Thanks! ...
by Boomer Saunders - 54 minutes ago
Hello again, i bought recently a Baroque still-life with fingerprint in painting, but i don't have any information about it? Thank you for your helping, ...
by abdelaboo - 17 hours ago
Search Don Quioxte in this site. You will find all the information you need.
by The Anthem - 18 hours ago
I have for 3 years now researched this . in no way do i believe this is a real Picasso, however. I have now seen or found anywhere any information on its source. I am sure it was done ...
by Mikem173 - 21 hours ago
Can you identify this print artist? One example of his/her art. http://www.pablopicassoclub.com/images/fbfiles/images/IMG_0324-50ghm5
by MPH - 23 hours ago
I have exact painting same marks...What is it worth?
by PAM RAY - 1 day ago
We have several prints by this artist, who we can't ID. Any ideas? http://www.pablopicassoclub.com/images/fbfiles/images/IMG_0324-c6u
by MPH - 1 day ago

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