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Picasso's "Duchess Period" by rtcorr
Etienne de Beaumont Ball (Picasso) Paris 1924 Man Ray
Etienne de Beaumont Ball (Picasso) Paris 1924 Photo by Man Ray. During the time what was disparagingly called his "duchess period" by some of his friends, Picasso was what we might call "filthy rich" with a ballerina wife, a son, a nanny, a maid, ...
How Did Picasso's Painting Style Change From Cubism To Synthetic Cubism by rtcorr
If I recall correctly, up until around 1912 cubist paintings tended to have their planes tonally modulated, that's to say generally going from light to dark, with the works most frequently limited to black, white, browns, ochres and sometimes ...
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My husband inherited Picasso's Mother and Child painting. It is signed in top right corner with 22 under signature. It is on paper. Can anyone tell me about this painting? ...
by Guest - 2 hours ago
I purchased this numbered lithograph and can't read the artist's signature. Can anyone help?
by Guest - 6 hours ago
This piece was supposed to be thrown away as trash but I saw it and liked it. I have looked everywhere on the internet for help and so far I haven't been able to identify the piece or ...
by saved from a trash ... - 12 hours ago
i quite agree with "rtcorr", very unlike him to intertwined alphabets, in your case initials like that.
by vier - 1 day ago
so it is not the real picasso since it was executed after him.
by vier - 1 day ago
you seem to be a specialist in Engel. I have one but the signature is in capital not cursive.
by dbrink - 1 day ago
Lyla: You can contact the Museo Picasso in Malaga via the following link: http://www.museopicassomalaga.org/en/contact An image of the painting in question is found at this link: ...
by rtcorr - 4 days ago

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