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bill w
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The attached image is of an alleged Picasso print. We bought it (inexpensively) at an estate sale in the 1970's. The print is roughly 18x24 and is not numbered. I have no illusions about it being worth a lot of money but in researching it I have not been able to find it as an actual Picasso work or any information about it.

You'll note the print itself contains a Picasso signature and the number " '45 ". In doing some internet research I'm aware that several other people have the print and have also sought information about it. It appears that my (an others) efforts have been unsuccessful to date.

Any thoughts from forum members?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Bill W

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Very strange indeed. I would suggest you to take it to a certified art dealer so he can appraise it based on characteristics that can be seen with the naked eye and only experts know how to identify perhaps?

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could we see a larger picture please? the 45 is the year of the piece im almost certain

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I wonder if you ever found anything out about this print my step brother just sent me one of the same and i am curious rather it is really a piccaso or not. Like you I am not able to find anything about or like it in any online searches. Thanks,

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