Can Original Picasso Artwork Be Found?

Everybody is always asking about Picasso. Really, I mean really, most would like to have one, not for the monetary aspect of it, but just to keep one for generations to come and to have it passed down through the family. Now and then, people claim to have found the real deal, but later discovered that it was a fake.

Which period of Picasso’s work is easiest for people to come in contact with?

Would you say; the blue period, rose period, cubism, neo-classicism, surrealism, stained glass period — The interior with a girl drawing of 1935 or, would you say the period of ceramics, began at the end of 1940s and spanned over 25 years? With the level of accountability that Picasso put into his work, i would say it is very rare, but quite possible, to find the real deal. Just keep on being optimistic. Have you ever given it a thought that some people do or did have a real Picasso, but did not know it was an original Picasso they had? What percentage of people might this be; I would say negligible.

I shared the link below for us to be optimistic that even though the odds are very high that the artwork is not authentic, you should keep searching and do your research. Maybe one day we will all share the good news with you.

kindly add your comments and contributions.

Image posted by Mike Deshaies (guest)

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • rtcorr: "Period of porcelains"? I have never heard of that. What years would that be?
  • Vale: I feel like the chances of finding a real Picasso and buying it without the seller knowing are slim whereas maybe a family already has a real Picasso, but aren’t 100% sure it’s real until they get it appraised.
  • vier: rtcorr, i meant the ceramics period, which i believe started at the end of the 1940s and spanned over 25 years.
  • vier:

    thanks to Mike Deshaies for the picture posted and everyone that has contributed to this blog.

  • Cathy: Please advise if Picasso every did a self portrait painting of himself by using a mirror.
    I have a picture supposedly done by him but have no idea if any of this is an actual or not.
    If you can tell me about the self portrait I could forward photos to you.
  • Trendy: In my opinion if you search everytime in france in flee markets, local market sites and in belgium you could come across a Picasso painting, it can take years. But certenly I believe if you making the search a second job, you may be very lucky. The most difficult period to find is as I think the Blue and the Pink period. A good friend of my did find a Ceramic work done by Picasso. From his start of his cubism should be founded, and if it is found its mostly unsigned. But for sure you will find a fingerprint in it.
  • vier: Trendy, your assessment is very correct in that the odd of finding one is still very rare, will take years. And just in case you find one, kindly share with us .
  • Trendy: Vier, thank you for the reply. You 1 of the members in this forum that i like. Always a positif attitude and in my opinion you are open for the reality, not letting you convinced by the so called art historians that believing that the world is flat and Picasso paintings only is owned by millionaires and purchased from big auction houses with a made of provenance. Keep up the way you think thumbs up.
  • afrcnrt1965: Yes I believe the people has picasso in they basements or in the storage
    Picasso paint more then any artist
    Like .g braque..let me say that the work of picasso can be found any where in USA. Because american are good customer buy art the other contry appreciate.accorded to Renoir dealer quit. American buy
    The other conty aprecie. Here the aging period the baby boomer get retire.the early customer buy for love not for money some get old not remember what they have.
    So let the art hunter hunts.I know my friend has few drawing his 85year old man hi sold some to big auction house long time ago .
    He styl have the rest .so is possible.
  • Courtlea: Picasso’s work may be difficult to find randomly
    But you never know
    Sometimes art could be at an antique shop
    And you’d never know if you don’t believe
    You can find it
  • rtcorr: Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of the "unknown Picasso/ is it real" obsession by so many people posting to this website, there were more intelligent discussions regarding what he DID knowingly accomplish (composition, color, form, subject matter, technique, etc.) were posted? That would be so refreshing.
  • Courtlea: I personally like to find art that has
    Been lòoked over by so called experts
    You start to see the reality of art for artists
    Not just pompous overstuffed art dealers
    No offense to some art dealers
  • rtcorr: Out of curiosity — do you consider yourself an artist?
  • Courtlea: Sometimes but not a painter
  • Bosco: hi,I´m new to this forum but I wanted to cheer you all on your search for a genuine Picasso from my personal experience.There are,in fact,many genuine Picasso works out there (1000+) that have been undetected so far,believe it or not.I personally know a case of a person who has recently found one genuine Picasso work,one that is very valuable because it´s an oil painting on canvas,not a drawing,not a linocut, oil painting.It had to be overlooked all these years cause the probabilities of that sort of finding are slim but,and that´s my point, nevertheless real.He had to resource to a lot of experts to authenticate it,many of who rejected it as fake at first glance,even one from a big auction house (that´s surely the reason why the painting was undetected for so long)but,thanks to a handwriting inscription on the back,finally was authenticated by forensic graphologists.We all know that Picasso never signed anything not done by him,so if the handwriting is his the painting is too.He was so lucky to have found one Picasso work displaying a hand inscription,otherwise it would have been much more difficult of a task to authenticate it,however,once the handwriting was verified everything else (canvas nailing,brushstrokes,pigments,composition,etc..)was analized and fit into place.What it´s more incredible yet is that the lucky finder decided to employ the money from the sale in charity,maybe that´s why God put a Picasso work in his path,God surely knows whom He sends His blessings to.Incredible story but absolutely real.At the end of the day the whole story was far inspiring than the finding itself.Keep searching!
  • telias100: I have extreme optimism. Picasso frequented my area to visit his mistress and I firmly believe left some artwork behind. I note a slight change in his art/mood, I think depending on his surroundings. You wouldn’t be human if these things didn’t effect you.
  • afrcnrt1965: You can found .do not giveup
  • rtcorr: It must have been another Picasso since the US government tried keeping the ARTIST out of the US since he was a member of the French Communist Party. Refer to his photographer friend David Douglas Duncan’s letters to Vice-President Richard M. Nixon trying to persuade the latter to permit Picasso’s entry into the US as a public relations "coup" against the Soviets (per Duncan’s book "Picasso’s Picassos"). As any good book on the artist will tell you (and several even have maps of all the places Picasso visited or lived), other than when he lived as a boy in la Coruña in north-western Spain the furthest west he traveled was to England — at first with the Ballets Russes in 1919, then in 1950 to attend a Sheffield peace conference where he also visited his friend artist/writer Roland Penrose.
  • afrcnrt1965: The same Picasso .all major Picasso work it’s in the private collection some are in the amateur collection because American are good costumer.
    According to Renoir dealer American buy the European appreciates the art.
    Saying that I’m art dealer more then 30 years .
    In Chelsea 27 .11 av st I used to have my storage there in the later 90.
    I know these history of art.
    I see 3 junk dealer they become millions over night in Picasso work.
    One bought less then 6 000. Found good Picasso and 1m the second bought storage and Picasso sale more then million the Thor was not even long did the same.
    Is duty job but very rentable .
    My self I just bought one small storage in January 2018 and found raoul dufy watercolor..
    The thing here isThe aging. I found more then 100 photograph in the same storage. Famous artists
  • rtcorr: Did you say you had a storage space in Chelsea on 27th Street and 11th Avenue? What was the address?
  • afrcnrt1965: Picasso made more then 150000 art work.
    In USA you can found .
    Why after the second ww. All country was broker only USA has money to buy art the other countries look good for survival including Picasso him self .he used to give paintings to buy food and his hotel room.!!!
    Now those people who used to buy his work are bab
    y boomer most of them are dieing slowly.
    Some has kids the other no kids no wife who’s going to take what their bought in the 30 an the 40?
  • afrcnrt1965: Chelsea between 28 st and 27 st 11
    Av and 12 late 1998.
    Now they use as runway.
    But on top they stylle used as storage. All major gallery are round
    There. next to there you can see a car dealer.
  • afrcnrt1965: Can someone’s tell me how many paintings Picasso do A year ?
  • rtcorr: I assume you are referring to either the Terminal Warehouse ( or the Starrett Lehigh Building (
    I worked across the street from there (at 260 11th Avenue) for years until last January and about once a month go to the nearby galleries, mostly those at 530 W. 25th Street and 547 W. 27th Street. I know many of the gallery workers and artists who exhibit in the area. I also frequently check out the High Line open studios on 26th Street and know the organizers of that event.
    Since I have received several invitations, I will most probably be going to some opening receptions this Thursday evening.
    There used to be a few small galleries on the north size of 27th Street between 11th and 12th Avenues in the former Terminal Warehouse (, but they relocated. I frequently enjoyed chatting with Christine of MZ URban Art which specialized in French and urban-style works ( They closed a few years ago but had a temporary exhibition this past Fall at 548 W. 28th Street.
    I guess the car dealers you refer to are the Porsche/Lamborghini businesses on 11th Ave. between 27th and 28th Streets.
  • rtcorr: The amount of paintings Picasso did per year depended on what year you’re looking at. For example, he was quite productive during the Blue Period and worked quite rapidly when old and approaching death — typical of his superstitious nature he considered art as a kind of "exorcism" to ward off death, illness or bad events. On the other hand when he was separated form his first wife Olga, his studio was padlocked by the authorities until a separation agreement could be reached and he was unable to do much work. (Much of this is covered in Sir John Richardson’s publications on the artist).
  • afrcnrt1965: Thanks you for that information.
    I saw one his drawing 1891 in the Barcelona museums.
    He work 80 years let’s do a math.

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