I recently purchased a framed lithograph of Fleurs et Mains, Bouquet of Peace,...

I recently purchased a framed lithograph of Fleurs et mains, Petit Fleurs, Bouquet of Peace, or Flowers of Peace. I noticed that it did not have half-tone dots and the paint was thick, it sits on top of the paper with a distinct texture. (I carry a loupe with me, and use it.) It does not have a plate mark. The paper and ink/paint are still very bright, the paper is just barely off white. Framed, it is 24" x 30". Inside the mat opening it is 19½" x 23½" -larger than many other examples I see online. The frame is heavy and made of brushed steel, the mat is a medium green. The back is a plain beige board with nothing on it. The signature and date are printed. All of the examples I see online seem to have flowers which were painted. On mine, the entire picture appears to have been originally drawn in pastel crayon. The centers of the flowers have distinct back-and-forth lines in them. It says 21.8.58 with the signature, other versions I see have the April (4) as the date, not August (8). It seems to match the bed linens which were sold in the 1970s more than any other prints I have seen. (the image is larger than it is on the sheets, but the individual strokes of the crayon match -both the image and the signature) Is this a known print/litho version? Was it sold at the same times as the sheets, as an accessory? Does anyone know anything more about it?

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2 months ago #2

Sorry, it's an etching.

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