Trying to identify artist (Van Delft?)/picture. What do you think??

My grandmother used to own a second-hand store in the early 1900's...and paint (watercolor?) remained after she passed. Clearly the signature says Van Delft in pencil (or so I think that's what it says).
Unusual i.d. mark in left hand lower corner of artwork.
Any info most appreciated. Thank you so kindly 😊

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1 year ago #2
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Look like Medieval Architecture.
Medieval Architecture featured different styles which were called Romanesque, the French Style, Perpendicular style both more commonly as Gothic architecture.

Dated: 1066 - 1500 with different styles.

5 months ago #3

I am thinking the name DELFLT is the name of the city in the Netherlands do the painting is of and the van could possibly stand for the Dutch painter who could have made them.

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2 months ago #4

Were you ever able to find out any more information regarding this artwork? I have one that is very similar, with the same signature and seal type marking.

Thank you 😊

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